It is important for parent/carers to make informed decisions about their child’s school as schools can vary in both the school’s philosophy and curriculum. School tours are always beneficial to assist in the decision making process.

Most schools commence the enrolment process early, with enrolments being taken from Term 1. In order to enroll your child into school you will be required to provide proof of age (birth certificate or passport) and an immunization certificate.

If you would like to arrange a tour of the school or have any questions regarding the enrolment process please contact the main office on 9308 3133.


Enrolment Policy


To provide an efficient process of enrolment that satisfies the needs of both students and the school by:

·      To ensure we enrol eligible students

·      To ensure we maintain enrolment data

·      To ensure we maintain our custodial role


·      All children who are eligible to enrol are welcome to attend our school.

·      Students enrolling at our school are required to provide a birth certificate or passport, a completed immunisation certificate and if born overseas a current passport and visa information.

·      A child who is less than the minimum age of entry for Victorian schools but has transferred from an interstate school is eligible for enrolment. Evidence of age and full-time enrolment at the interstate school must be provided along with evidence of disability eligibility.

·      Other parents seeking early age entry for their children must make a written application to the Regional Director.

·      Information regarding the enrolment of overseas students can be obtained from the International Studies Unit (03) 9637 2202.

·      All enrolments will require the completion of the DET ‘Confidential Student Information Enrolment Form’, with details entered immediately on CASES 21.

·      The Principal will contact principals of previous schools of all students seeking transfers to discuss the circumstances of the transfer, to confirm eligibility, to seek a transfer note and to discuss any academic or behavioural matters. 

·      Students will be allocated to classes according to a combination of class size and student need.

·      Enrolment forms need to be returned with all documentation one business day prior to commencement.



This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s three-year review cycle.

This policy was ratified by School Council in July 2016

The policy will be reviewed in 2019

Enrolment appendices

As a school within the Victorian public school sector, we will comply with all government and department enrolment requirements. Craigieburn South Primary School will adhere to the DET policy and, in compliance, will only enrol students living in the local neighbourhood area as prescribed by DET.

We will:

·      enrol eligible students, who are new to the Victorian government education system under the name contained in the documents supporting their admission; primarily their birth certificate

·      keep copies of sighted documents, including proof of age and immunisation status certificate)

·      verify changes to student enrolment names

·      maintain student details and movements in enrolment history

·      keep all information confidential and managed in accordance with:

- the Department’s privacy policy

- Victorian privacy laws.



 Changing a student’s name will only be made if:

·      new legal documentation with an amended name is provided, such as:

- officially amended birth certificate

- proof of adoption

- court order authorising another name

- supporting documentation, which was not originally available, differs from the name provided during conditional


- proof is provided that the enrolling parent or the student is using another name under a scheme designed to

  ensure their safety, such as witness protection. 


 Our Enrolment database CASES21 will include:

·      admission forms

·      transfer information

·      the student register, in primary schools

·      class lists 


 Our database CASES21 will be maintained by:

·      entering enrolment data at the beginning of the year for Prep

·      adding data when a student transfers

·      updating data when changes occur, such as guardianship

·      reviewing half yearly parent/guardian contact information

·      revising annually for State and Commonwealth reporting

·      updating when informed by parents of changes to family circumstances

Immunisation certificates will be:

·      obtained from parents/guardians prior to enrolment. It is not sufficient to site the stamped immunisation booklet.

·      maintained in a file

Note: During disease outbreaks a letter is sent to all families in the grade or the whole school if required.