Year Levels - Year 1

Dear Parents,
Welcome back to term 3, we hope you enjoyed the holidays. Students have settled back into school well. The concert “Alice in Hollywood’ is this term and we are excited and enjoying dance rehearsals with choreographer Zoe. To help your child concentrate and learn in class, please ensure they bring a bottle of water and eat a variety of healthy foods each day.
Before the holidays, you received your child’s report. We would appreciate it if you could complete the Parent feedback form that was enclosed, and return it to school. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Three-way Conferences on Thursday 8 August and to work closely with you and your child to achieve their goals.
Important Dates / Upcoming Events
Friday 19 July: Brainstorm production
Thursday 25 July: Commonwealth bank visit
Thursday 8 August: Three-way Conferences: student free day
Wednesday 21 August: Book week dress-up parade / TIMS (THRASS, ICT, Mats & Science) family night
Friday 23 August: Curriculum day
Friday 30 August: Fathers’ Day stall 
Tuesday 10 & Wednesday 11 September: School concert
Friday 20 September: Last day of term 3 (2:30pm dismissal)

All children need a library bag to protect the books they borrow from our school library. A plastic bag with your child’s name on is fine to use. Regular borrowing helps children develop literacy skills and establishes the skills of reading for information and pleasure. Please encourage your child to borrow regularly from the school library by discussing and sharing the books they bring home.

As it is Term 3, all students will need to wear their winter uniform. The winter uniform consists of the winter dress (which can be worn with blue tights or long socks), pants, polo shirt, jumper or jacket. Please ensure your child is wearing supportive BLACK school shoes every day. School hats do not need to be worn this term, however, a plain navy beanie can be worn outside on cold days. Please remember to clearly label your child’s jumpers and other belongings.

Homework supplements classroom learning and encourages good study habits. It helps students to be responsible for their own learning. It is a school expectation that all students complete homework. Year 1 homework consists of daily home reading and a weekly homework sheet. Every day your child will take a home reader to read to an adult or older sibling. Listening to your child is a positive time to spend together. Home readers need to be signed and returned to school each day. The homework sheet is sent home each Thursday. Please let your child’s teacher know as soon as possible if you need any help to get the work completed. Homework is due back by the following Tuesday.

Pick up and drop off
Pick up and drop off is at the external door for all Year 1 classes. Please be mindful to not enter the school buildings before 8:45am. If you need to speak to your child’s teacher, please organise a time to meet or wait until Soft Start at 8:45am. If your child is late, you need to sign them in at the office before bringing them into the classroom.

Reading and Viewing:
This term we will be looking poetry and the author Matt Cosgrove. The students will be working on answering questions about the text and beyond the text, by developing their comprehension strategies to find the main idea of the text, read information in pictures, make predictions, and recall facts and details in texts and explain their thinking. Students will continue to increase the number of high frequency words they can read and understand. Computer programs such as Studyladder, iPads apps and THRASS games are used in rotational activities to help improve reading skills.

We will be looking at a variety of different writing structures next term, such as persuasive, instructional, letters and narrative. Students will continue to recognise when to use different types of punctuation, including full stops, question marks, quotation marks, commas and exclamation marks and editing their own work. We are continuing formal handwriting lessons that focus on correct letter formation on dotted thirds lines and correct pencil grip. Students will continue to improve their knowledge of THRASS and use it more independently. Spelling lessons will increase their vocabulary and develop correct pronunciation of more words. All students received a THRASS mat to use at home last year. If your child needs a new one they can be purchased at the General Office. 

Speaking and Listening:
Students will work their speaking skills, such as using appropriate voice projection, pace and volume. They will participate in class discussions and sharing time. It is very important that students develop the skills and confidence to share ideas, ask good questions and answer in whole sentences.
Number and Algebra:
Students will:
Learn to count by 2s, 5s and 10s to 100.
Learn the counting on strategy to help them solve addition problems (for e.g +1, +2, +3)
Learn the counting backward strategy to help them solve subtraction problems.
Learn to show half of a whole
Learn to show half of a group of objects
Learn to divide numbers using arrays (for e.g. Share 9 lollies with 3 friends).
Learn to divide objects and number using fractions such as halves.

Measurement and Geometry:
Students will:
Learn how describe the length of an object
Learn how compare the length of an objects using informal units.
Learn how to tell the time to o’clock and half-hour on analogue and digital clocks.

Statistics and Probability:
Students will:
Learn to describe the chance of events using everyday language 
Learn to use the words ‘might happen, will happen, won’t happen’
Integrated Curriculum
The Integrated Curriculum topic this term is about the performing arts with the main focus being the concert, “Alice in Hollywood’. The concert tells the story of Alice, going through different worlds to follow her dreams and find her confidence. Each year level will perform songs to help Alice on her path. All year one students will meet together for dance rehearsals in the gym weekly. Our choreographer is Zoe. She was impressed with how well the students copied many of dance moves to the first song at the first rehearsal. Students will look at how to practise properly, making props and how to perform safely. 
Specialist Timetable
1D: Tuesday - Computer, P.E. & Science / Wednesday - Performing Arts
1F: Tuesday - Computer, P.E. & Science / Wednesday - Performing Arts
1M: Monday - Performing Arts / Tuesday - Science, P.E. & Italian / Wednesday - Computer
1R: Tuesday - Performing Arts, Computer & P.E. / Friday - Science
1S: Tuesday - Performing Arts, P.E. & Science / Thursday - Computer
1SF: Tuesday - Performing Arts, P.E. & Science / Thursday - Computer