Year Levels - Year 6

Welcome back! We hope you have had a great holiday with your children and are ready for another busy term of learning. We have a number of events coming up this term including the Three-way Conferences, and the school concert.

Important Dates / Upcoming Events
19 July: Brainstorm Production in gym
8 August: Three-way Conferences (students only come to school for their interview)
21 August: Book Week Parade
21 August: TIMS (THRASS, ICT, Maths & Science) family night, 6.00pm
23 August: Curriculum Day (no school)
28 August: Camp parent information evening, 6.00pm in staff centre
30 August: Father’s Day stall
10 and 11 September: School concert – matinee and evening performance
20 September: Last day of school, 2:30pm finish
This term homework will again include nightly reading and recording reading data in their school diary, learning their spelling words and a homework sheet.
Homework is a compulsory component of year 6 in preparation for secondary school and there will be consequences for students who do not return their homework. This will be at the discretion of the classroom teacher. 
This term, homework will be given out each Thursday and due back every Tuesday. Only 5 Star Quality work will be accepted.

Students should now be in their correct winter uniform. If it is very cold, students can wear a blue or white skivvy under their school t-shirt. Students are not permitted to wear hooded tops under their uniform. They must also wear the correct shoes each day. If students have PE/Sport, they are still required to wear their correct shoes to and from school and change into their runners when they get to school. A note is required if students are not in the correct uniform. Teachers will be monitoring this and there will be consequences for students in incorrect uniform without a valid reason.

For the first week of Term 3 the focus is on building resilience, reinforcing our school and class values and
re-establishing a safe and happy working classroom environment to ensure a positive term.

Year 5 and 6 Camp 2019
The Year 5/6 camp will be held during Term 4, on Monday 7 October to Friday 11 October at Phillip Island Adventure Resort. More information can be found on the website 
Camp notes and medical forms have been sent home, if you have any questions or concerns please come and speak to your child’s teacher. A parent information night will also be held at the school on Wednesday 28 August at 6pm. 

By now, you would have received information regarding the concert this term. The year 6 students have started learning their dance and will continue practicing throughout the term for the concert. Students have been divided into the two groups and will perform twice on one day only. All concert notes will be on yellow paper so that they can be easily identified.

Three-way Conferences
Three way conferences are being held on Thursday 8 August. Please ensure you book a time using the information provided. If you are not able to make a booking, please inform your child’s teacher and they can book a time for you. 
Specialist Timetable
6P: Monday - P.E. / Tuesday - Science / Thursday - Art, Italian & Computer / Friday - Library
6T: Tuesday - Science & Computer / Wednesday - Library / Thursday - Art, Italian & P.E.
6L: Tuesday - Italian & Library / Thursday - Science, Computer & P.E. / Friday - Art
6J: Tuesday - Italian & Library / Thursday - Art, Computer & P.E. / Friday - Science
6K: Tuesday - Library / Wednesday - Computer / Thursday - Science, Italian & P.E. / Friday - Art
Students in year 6 will develop fluency and meaning when reading fiction and non-fiction print and digital texts. Writing skills for narratives, recounts, persuasive and transactional texts will be reinforced. Participation and active listening are also a focus. Whole-class, small-group and individual tasks have supported students to learn about:

Reading and Viewing
Analysing and explaining how language features and vocabulary are used by different authors to represent ideas and events
Identifying the relationship between words, sounds, imagery and language patterns in narratives and poetry such as ballads, limericks and free verse 
Building skills, knowledge and understandings to fluently read, comprehend, analyse and critique poetry (free verse, ballads, limerick, figurative language)
Note-taking, paraphrasing and summarising viewed texts

Planning, editing, proofreading and publishing a variety of text types
Employing a range of strategies to assist with and improve vocabulary, spelling, sentence structure and punctuation 
Building skills, knowledge and understandings to write poetry (limerick, I Am Poem,) 
Analysing the author’s craft and applying these skills to their own texts 

Speaking and Listening
Planning, rehearsing and making presentations for different purposes
Making presentations and contributing actively to class and group discussions
The focus of the Mathematics program in Year 6 is to extend understandings, strategies and skills in the areas of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability and apply these to everyday life situations. This term’s topics:

Number and Algebra
Investigating everyday situations that use integers.
Exploring the use of brackets and order of operations to write number sentences

Measurement and Geometry
Investigating angles on a straight line, angles at a point and vertically opposite angles. Use results to find unknown angles
Investigating the effect of combinations of transformations on simple and composite shapes
Introducing the Cartesian coordinate system using all four quadrants

Statistics and Probability
Conducting chance experiments with both small and large numbers of trials using appropriate digital technologies
Comparing observed frequencies across experiments with expected frequencies
Integrated Curriculum – Concert
Students in Year 6 have started learning a choreographed dance for the school concert. They will be practicing each week both with the choreographer as well as in their own year groups. Students will also be investigating, designing and creating their costumes. They will perform as part of the school concert “Alice in Hollywood” at the Craigieburn Secondary College Ironbark Performing Arts Centre either on Tuesday 10 or Wednesday 11 September.