Year Levels - Year 5

Welcome back to term 4. We hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are ready for a busy term 4! Over the coming months the weather will be warming up so please ensure your child comes to school each day with a refillable water bottle and their school hat.

Important Dates / Upcoming Events

Wednesday 24 October: Sports and Graduation photos
Tuesday 6 November: Melbourne Cup Public Holiday
Wednesday 7 November: CSPS Art Show
Thursday 8 November: Show Day, 3.15 – 5.00pm
Thursday 29 November: Italian Day
Tuesday 18 December: Reports go home
Thursday 20 December: Class parties
Friday 21 December: KK and last day of school. School finishes at 12.30pm

Specialist Timetable

5M: Monday - Science & Library / Thursday - P.E. & Italian

5K: Monday - P.E. & Library / Wednesday - Science / Thursday - Art & Italian

5C: Monday - Science / Tuesday - Library / Wednesday - Italian / Thursday - P.E. & Computer

5D: Tuesday - Library / Thursday - Science & P.E. / Friday - Italian

56L: Tuesday - Science / Wednesday - P.E. & Italian / Thursday - Computer & Library


It is important that students arrive on time and come to school every day to help them achieve their full potential. If your child is away, please enter their absence on the Compass app or call the office.


Year 5 homework expectations include:
- Nightly home reading – to be recorded in school diaries
- Spelling word practise in preparation for weekly spelling tests
- Multiplication practise – students are expected to be able to recall all multiplication facts up to 10 × 10 and the related division facts
- Completion of homework due on the Monday of each week
- School diary must be at school each day.


As mentioned in our school newsletter, it is expected that all students wear full school summer uniform. School uniform requirements are found on the school website Families will have the first 3 weeks of term 4 to ensure all uniform is purchased.
Please remember that the sun-smart rule ’No Hat, No Play’ applies in term 4.

Year 6 Jackets for 2019

Notes will be coming out shortly to all year 5 students for parents who wish to order a year 6 (2019) jacket for their child for next year.

Payment form for 2019 Student Expenses

Please remember to complete the students’ expenses payment form and return to the office along with the payment or payment details to pay for your child’s student expenses for 2019. We ask that the student expenses be paid for prior to the end of this year to ensure that your children have their books and stationery in their rooms ready to use on the first day of school. If you need another form please contact the school office or your child’s teacher. Parents who have a Health Care Card may be eligible to apply for CSE Funding, which will cover the costs of the school expenses. Please see the front office for more information.

Curriculum Highlights

Reading and Viewing:
Read, view and respond to a variety of texts including poetry and imaginative fiction
Develop questions that are open ended and reflective
View various media and respond to these using note-taking and detailed answers to questions
Independently read and respond to a text
Develop and record student thinking while reading independently
Conference with students to establish goals to improve their reading

Explore Seven Steps of writing through the construction of narratives
Explore and write different types of poetry
Selects specific words to suit the intended audience and text type
Study correct grammar and punctuation and develop new spelling strategies

Speaking and Listening:
Explore how changing the tone, volume and pace of their voice can be used to add expression and set the scene when performing to an audience
Delivers a speech for different purposes and audiences
Learn to self-evaluate their own performances and provide constructive feedback to others

Number and Algebra:
Revise the four processes of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
Use efficient mental and written strategies and apply appropriate digital technologies to solve problems
Follow a mathematical algorithm involving branching and repetition (iteration)
Identify and describe factors and multiples of whole numbers and use them to solve problems
Use estimation and rounding to check the reasonableness of answers to calculations

Measurement and Geometry:
Choose appropriate units of measurement for length, area, volume, capacity and mass
Calculate the perimeter and area of rectangles and the volume and capacity of prisms using familiar metric units

Stastics & Probability:
List outcomes of chance experiments involving equally likely outcomes and represent probabilities of those outcomes using fractions
Recognise that probabilities range from 0 to 1

Integrated Curriculum – Healthy Living

This term students will study the role of the government in Australia and the government’s key democratic processes, principles and values.

Students will use the following focus questions to guide their learning:
1. What is democracy in Australia and why is voting in a democracy important?
2. What are the roles and responsibilities of the different levels of government in Australia?
3. How are laws developed and enforced in Australia?
4. How and why do people participate in groups to achieve shared goals?
5. What does it mean to be an Australian citizen?

To assist children with their understandings throughout the term they will view various interactive resources, compare and contrast federal, state and local government responsibilities and participate in our school leader’s election.