Year Levels - Year 6

Welcome back to our last term of the school year. This is a particularly busy term for the Year 6 students with many events coming up, such as Year 7 Orientation Day and Year 6 Graduation.

Important Dates / Upcoming Events

Wednesday 24 October: Sports and Graduation photos
Tuesday 6 November: Melbourne Cup Public Holiday
Wednesday 7 November: CSPS Art Show
Thursday 8 November: Show Day
Thursday 29 November: Italian Day
Wednesday 5 December: Funfields excursion
Tuesday 11 December: Secondary School Orientation Day
Monday 17 December: Graduation
Tuesday 18 December: Reports go home
Wednesday 19 December: Signing Day, Pizza and Disco party
Thursday 20 December: Class party
Friday 21 December: KK and last day of school. School finishes at 12.30pm


This term, homework will again include nightly reading and recording reading data in the school diary, learning spelling words and a homework sheet.
The homework sheet will be given out each Friday and due back every Wednesday. Only 5 -star quality work will be accepted.
Students will also be completing a chapter of the “Preparing for High School” booklet each week. This is brought home each Monday and needs to be signed and brought back to school by Thursday.


Over the next three weeks, students can transition into their summer school uniform. A note is required if students are not in correct uniform. Teachers will be monitoring this and there will be consequences for students in incorrect uniform without a valid reason.
School hats are compulsory this term, to protect students from the summer sun during outdoor play. Our school has a ‘No hat, No play’ policy. This means that students who do not have school hats will be required to play in the shaded areas during lunch breaks.


It is hard to believe that the year is almost over and for the Year 6 students, graduation is the completion of their primary years. Graduation will be held on Monday 17 December at the Ironbark Performing Arts Centre. During term 4, students and teachers will be rehearsing for the big night. The evening includes a formal graduation ceremony where each child will be presented with their graduation certificate, photo and signature bear. It is definitely a night to look forward to. As a part of the graduation program, there will be an excursion to Funfields, a pizza party and signing day. More information will be sent out in the coming weeks.

Momento Book

Memento books are a highlight for all Year 6 students. The Memento book is completed as a scrapbook and includes various activities such as creating a family tree, highlights from Prep to Year 6, a best friend’s page and dreams for the future. Your child might like to bring photos from home to complete this.

Specialist Timetable

6P: Monday -Computer & Library / Wednesday - P.E. & Italian / Thursday - Science

6G: Wednesday - Computer & P.E. / Thursday - Italian & Library / Friday - Art

5/6L: Tuesday - Science / Wednesday - Italian & P.E. / Thursday - Computer & Library

6K: Monday - P.E. & Library / Wednesday - Italian & Computer / Thursday - Art

6U: Monday - Science / Wednesday - Art & P.E. / Thursday - Library / Friday - Italian


Students in year 6 will develop fluency and meaning when reading fiction and non-fiction print and digital texts. Writing skills for narratives, recounts, persuasive and transactional texts will be reinforced. Participation and active listening are also a focus. Whole-class, small-group and individual tasks have supported students to learn about:

Reading and Viewing

• Analysing and explaining how language features and vocabulary are used by different authors to represent ideas and events
• Using John Munro’s High Reliability comprehension strategies to read and respond to a variety of texts related to the Integrated Curriculum topic: Australian Government and Me
• Note-taking, paraphrasing and summarising viewed texts


• Planning, editing, proofreading and publishing a variety of text types including poetry, narrative, procedural and explanation texts
• Employing a range of strategies to assist with and improve vocabulary, spelling, sentence structure and punctuation
• Applying knowledge of different parts of speech in their writing
• Note-taking, paraphrasing and summarising written texts

Speaking and Listening

• Planning, rehearsing and making presentations for different purposes
• Making presentations and contributing actively to class and group discussions


The focus of the mathematics program in Year 6 is to extend understandings, strategies and skills in the areas of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability and apply these to everyday life situations. In term 4, students will be consolidating what they have learned this year as well as learning about:

Number and Algebra

• Prime and composite numbers
• Square numbers

Measurement and Geometry
• Metric conversions
• Reading timetables

Statistics and Probability

• Interpreting side-by-side column graphs

Integrated Curriculum


This term students will study the role of the government in Australia and the government’s key democratic processes, principles and values. Students will use the following focus questions to guide their learning:
1. What is democracy in Australia and why is voting in a democracy important?
2. What are the roles and responsibilities of the different levels of government in Australia?
3. How are laws developed and enforced in Australia?
4. How and why do people participate in groups to achieve shared goals?
5. What does it mean to be an Australian citizen?