Year Levels - Prep


Prep Newsletter – Term 1
Welcome to Prep in 2019. The children have settled in well and are eager to learn.
This year’s Prep team consists of four extremely dedicated teachers:
Room 3:          Prep F - Michelle Farrugia
Room 4:          Prep B - Maggie Belbasis
Room 5:          Prep Y - Fiona Yiannoullou
Room 7:          Prep K - Samantha Knight
We look forward to working closely with you throughout the year to ensure that it is a successful one for your child. Remember to drop off your child at the external door of your child’s classroom; pick up is at the same place. Please do not enter the school buildings prior to 8:45am as per the school expectation. If you need to speak with your child’s teacher, organise a mutual meeting at 8:45am when the soft start bell rings. If your child arrives after 9:00am ensure to sign them in at the office prior to bringing them into the classroom, as classroom rolls will have already been taken by this time.
Later this term, Prep students will be attending swimming lessons. More information will be sent home in the coming weeks. If you have any concerns or questions throughout the year please do not hesitate to see your child’s teacher.
A reminder: If you have not already done so, please pay for your child’s book pack at the office. Thank you.
Important Dates / Upcoming Events
Monday 11 February                  Prep students begin full time classes
Thursday 28 February               Three Way Conferences (Student free day)
Thursday 7 March                      Brainstorm Production
Monday 11 March                       Labour Day Public Holiday
Wednesday 13 March                 Prep swimming (session 1)
Friday 15 March                          Prep swimming (session 2)
Tuesday 19 March                      School photos
Wednesday 20 March                 Prep swimming (session 3)
Friday 22 March                          Prep swimming (session 4)
Monday 25 March                       Prep swimming (session 5)
Wednesday 27 March                 Prep swimming (session 6)
Thursday 5 April                         Last day of term (Early dismissal 2:30pm)
Each night your child will be required to read their home reader to an adult to help them with their learning. It is very important that your child sees this as a positive time to spend with you. Home readers must be signed by parents each night and returned to school each day.  
Your child will also receive CSPS high frequency words to read. Please take the time to use these words for flash cards and to play games. Once your child begins to learn these words, they are able to read more complex texts and reading becomes even more enjoyable.
All children need to be in full summer school uniform each day. If your child is out of uniform, please send a note to the classroom teacher explaining the reason. Please be aware summer uniform must be worn during Term 1. Our school has the policy of No Hat, No Play. All students must wear a school hat outside, in Terms 1 and 4.
If your child wishes to wear their runners to PE sessions, they must change their shoes at school for that session only. Remember to clearly label your child’s hat and jumpers for easy identification.
Specialist Timetable
Reading and Viewing:
During the first term in Prep, students will become familiar with many skills and strategies they need to know in order to begin their reading journey. They will be exploring the direction of text in books, learning to point to each word when reading and using reading strategies to help work out unknown words in books (such as looking at the pictures). Each week students will receive a group of focus words, which they will learn to read using a variety of games and activities in the classroom. They will also get additional words to practise at home, which will come from the CSPS word list.
We have a busy term of writing ahead of us! Students will be learning how to write their names using a capital letter and following with lower case letters. They will also be learning to use the correct pencil grip and to form their letters from the correct starting point. Students will begin to record sounds they hear in words. We will be strengthening students’ fine motor skills to assist with their writing through activities such as tracing, play dough, threading and cutting.
Speaking and Listening:
Students will be provided with the opportunity to participate in Show and Tell on their assigned day. We will be modelling appropriate speaking and listening skills and encouraging all students to share their ideas, reflect upon their learning and ask each other appropriate questions. Parents are encouraged to help their child choose an item/topic to share for Show and Tell.
Number and Algebra:
This term students will be learning to count forwards and backwards in the correct order, to and from 10 and then moving on to 20. Students will be provided with a variety of counting experiences to establish a strong number knowledge. They will learn to identify numbers in digit form, as a collection and name. Students will become familiar with tools and strategies that are helpful when counting, making and comparing groups of objects, such as tens frames and subitising.
Measurement and Geometry:
Students will learn about 2D shapes such as triangles, circles, rectangles and squares. They will be exploring, sorting and learning to describe these shapes. Pattern is another focus this term where students will be investigating what makes a pattern, how to create their own patterns and what different objects they could use. Another maths concept to be taught is data, where students learn to answer and record yes and no questions for a range of different topics.
Students will participate in a variety of hands on activities to deepen their understanding in these areas of numeracy.
Integrated Curriculum
Our Integrated Curriculum topic this term is called Healthy Me. Students will be learning about what people require to help them grow, be healthy and stay safe. They will be working with their Year 4 buddies throughout the topic and will celebrate their learning by having a Healthy Teddy Bears’ Picnic. Students will also be participating in an In-School activity run by the RACV to support their learning about staying safe when using roads. Swimming will also provide an insight into water awareness and safety.
All children grades P-3 are required to have a library bag which will be provided by the school. Regular borrowing from the library will help children to develop their literacy skills and also establishes the important lifelong skill of reading for information and pleasure. Please encourage your child to borrow regularly from the school library by discussing and sharing the books they bring home.
Students are offered six swimming lessons which focus on water awareness and safety as well as correct swimming strokes. The lessons will take place at the Splash Aqua Park and Leisure Centre in Craigieburn and will be run by qualified swim instructors. During the first lesson, students will be tested and assigned to groups. The sessions will run for 45 minutes.To assist us with managing student belongings please ensure that all of your child’s clothes and belongings are clearly labelled. Students are also required to bring a pair of thongs to school to wear to and from the pool.