Year Levels - Prep


Welcome back to Term 4. We hope you have had a relaxing break. This term is filled with exciting events including our whole school Show Day, Prep Dinner and Italian Day. Our students will be participating in singing and dance lessons with their Prep teachers, in preparation for the Prep Dinner where they will be performing a number of songs including Christmas carols.
As we wind down for the year, please ensure children are coming to school wearing full school uniform, including their hats and are continuing to read each night and completing all homework tasks to a high standard. It is also essential that your child arrives to school during 8.45am ‘Soft Start’. During this time students can organise themselves for the day ahead. It is also a vital time where teachers can further support your child to complete set homework and reading tasks. This will not only support their learning but will help instil in them good study habits.

Important Dates / Upcoming Events

6 November Melbourne Cup Day - Public Holiday
8 November - Whole school Show Day
28 November - Prep Dinner
5 December - Italian Day
18 December - Reports go home
20 December - Class Party
21 December - Kris Kringle / Last Day of Term - 12:30pm finish

Home Readers & Homework

Each night your child is required to read their home reader to an adult to help them with their learning. It is important that your child sees this as a positive time to spend with you.
Home readers must be signed by parents each night and returned to school each day. Your child should also continue practising reading and spelling the CSPS high frequency words each night.
This term students will continue to receive homework each Friday to further build their literacy and numeracy skills. This homework sheet should be completed as independently as possible and returned the following Wednesday.  Uniform
As it is Term 4, all students must remember to bring their hats as per the schools no hat, no play policy. There is a two week changeover period from Winter to Summer uniform. The Summer uniform consists of the Summer dress (can be worn with tights or long socks), shorts, polo shirt, jumper or jacket. Please ensure your child is wearing supportive BLACK school shoes every day. Students are also allowed to wear a plain navy raincoat/wind jacket/parker over their school jumpers to and from school and outside at play times. Please remember to clearly label your child’s hat and other belongings. Thank you.

Healthy Lunches

Please remember to pack a good variety of food in your child’s lunchbox each day. It really helps improve their concentration and learning during school time. Good food may include sandwiches, fruit, salads, veggie sticks and yogurt. Make sure your child is aware of any nut products such as Nutella or peanut butter in their lunch. Some students at school have severe nut allergies. Students need to wash their hands after eating nut products.

Specialist Timetable

PB:  Monday - Art / Tuesday - P.E. & IT / Thursday - Library

PD: Monday - Library / Tuesday - P.E., Art & I.T.

PF: Monday - Art / Tuesday - Science, P.E., Library

PK: Monday - Library / Tuesday - Science, P.E. & Art

PT: Tuesday - P.E. & Art / Thursday - Library

PY: Monday - Art / Tuesday - P.E. & Library / Thursday - I.T.


Reading and Viewing:
Term 4, students will continue to build their reading skills by practising the use of reading strategies daily. We will continue with our sound discrimination focus where students read and listen to the different sounds in words. This term we have an Author study where the students unpack the Nick Bland series. We will have a focus on making connections, sequencing events, identifying the main idea and building vocabulary.

Our writing this term consists of exploring different text types, such as recounts, information reports and persuasive texts. We are continuing to work on our punctuation including the use of, capital letters and full stops in every sentence. We will continue to use our THRASS charts to spell unfamiliar words every day with a focus on digraphs such as ch, sh, th and wh. Handwriting will continue to be a daily focus where students practise starting in the right spot, going in the correct direction and sitting letters on the correct lines.

Speaking and Listening:
Our focus this term is to ensure we use an appropriate and clear voice when sharing during Show and Tell. It is a very important part of our school day to practise speaking in front of an audience. Term 4 is a very exciting term as we are introducing a Show and Tell sequel the “THRASS Mystery Box’ to help us practise our questioning, listening skills and model what a good listener does.
What exactly is the ‘THRASS Mystery Box’???
This term all Prep students will be encouraged to bring in an item for Show and Tell. Your child’s teacher will allocate a day on which your child can bring in an item. Each child selects a picture from the THRASS chart and brings the item in to share. Example: cat, dolphin, letter, photo. They are to keep their item a secret as they are placing it into the ‘THRASS Mystery Box’. Students are to ask questions about the particular object using questions stems to develop their higher order of thinking. Asking these questions will uncover your child’s secret THRASS item. This will help build confidence, questioning as well as speaking and listening skills.


As the end of year is fast approaching, we will spend our time revising the topics we have learnt this year to deepen and extend our students thinking and learning. We will continue to learn about numbers and the different ways we use them throughout our daily life. With the use of number lines and concrete materials, the students will practise learning before and after. We will revise over Addition and Subtraction and the connections that they have with one another. Students will learn about number pairs and the different ways to make a number. We will continue to build our knowledge of ordinal number, substituting as well as counting to and from 20 and beyond. It is important to practice counting every day at home to continue developing our counting skills.

Integrated Curriculum

Our Integrated Studies topic this term is ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ where students will explore Dance, Music and Drama throughout the Arts.

Students will learn about how they can dance. They share their dance with peers and experience dance as audiences. Students learn about dancing safely and become aware of their bodies’ movement capabilities. They explore movement possibilities using space, time, dynamics and relationships. As audience, they will observe how other dancers communicate through movement. Students will be introduced to dances found in their local community and on screen.

They will experiment with diverse sounds and discover how they can be effectively combined. Students will learn to listen and respond to music, becoming aware of the elements of beat, rhythm, pitch, dynamics and tempo as they sing, play, improvise and move to music. They will learn to feel the beat, sing and to discriminate between sound and silence, loud and soft, and fast and slow.

Students will talk about their experiences of music they hear in their community, identifying what they enjoy and why. Students can explore drama and learn about how they can perform to communicate ideas and stories. They will share their performances with peers and experience it as audiences. Students will be introduced to processes that assist them to make real and imagined situations.