Learning - 2. Maths

 Numeracy at school

At Craigieburn South Primary School, daily mathematics instruction is part of every classroom. Students across the school are introduced to mathematical concepts through the use of manipulatives including the use of dice, cards, counters, icy pole sticks, Base Ten blocks, measurement tools, 2D and 3D shape models, clocks, play money and probability tools to model their thinking and understanding.

The Victorian Curriculum guides teaching and learning. Numeracy concepts that are covered include, Number, Algebra, Measurement, Space, Statistics and Probability.

 Lesson Structure

At Craigieburn South Primary School we follow the CSPS Numeracy Instructional model that is based on the Gradual Release of Responsibility and the Workshop Model.

 The Numeracy instructional model comprises:

  • Number Fluency – Students actively participate in number fluency practice and games.
  • Orientation/ Explicit Teaching – Explicit instruction, introducing a numeracy skill or idea as a whole class focus.
  • Independent / Group Work - Students complete independent, differentiated and authentic maths tasks matched to the learning intention while the teacher takes small group focus sessions.
  • Review – Students reflect on the explicit learning intention and articulate their thinking and learning.

 Numeracy at home

Find opportunities in everyday life for counting, such as counting items when shopping.

Look for numbers in the environment, such as when out walking, read numbers on letter boxes or road signs.

Play board games and card games with your child to practise addition and subtraction, chance and probability.

Take your children shopping and let them estimate how much the shopping is going to come to, based on the prices of the items you are buying.

When cooking from a recipe, have your child do the measuring of ingredients.

Dice make a great addition to any toy collection. Roll the dice and say, make or write the numbers identified. Roll the dice and add/multiply the numbers together to find the total.