Learning - 3. Integrated Learning

Integrated Learning at Craigieburn South Primary School

At Craigieburn South Primary School students engage in a two year cycle of learning covering various areas of the Curriculum. This includes the areas of History, Geography, Economics and Business, Health and Civics and Citizenship. Students complete learning on the different concepts and then participate in ‘Taking it further’ to extend and apply their learning.

The school also offers a range of opportunities for student enrichment such as a bi-annual school concert, student leadership and many sports programs.

The Integrated Learning follows the CSPS Instructional Model that is based on the Gradual Release of Responsibility and the Workshop Model. This comprises of:

  • Orientation and Explicit Teaching – Explicit instruction, introducing a skill or idea as a whole class focus.
  • Independent Learning/Teacher Group – Students complete independent, differentiated and authentic tasks matched to the learning intention while the teacher takes small group focus sessions.
  • Review – Students reflect on the explicit learning intention and articulate their thinking and learning.