Year Levels - Year 3

Welcome back to term 4. We hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are ready for a busy term 4.
Please remember that the sun-smart rule ‘No Hat, No Play’ applies in term 4. All students must be in full summer school uniform including black school shoes and a blue school hat. Over the coming weeks the weather will be warming up, so please ensure your child comes with a bottle to refill with water, each day.

Important Dates / Upcoming Events

Tuesday 6 November Melbourne Cup Day holiday – No school
Thursday 8 November School Show Day - 3.15pm -- 5.00pm
Thursday 29 November Italian Day
Tuesday 18 December Reports go home/Meet the teacher
Thursday 20 December Class parties
Friday 21 December Last day of term/ Kris Kringle -- early dismissal 12.30pm


Homework, throughout the year, is an important part of student learning and provides an opportunity for children to practise skills with increasing independence. The tasks are set from topics and activities your child has been doing in the classroom. Homework tasks are targeted at your child’s ability and should not be difficult for your child to complete. If, however, you are finding the homework tasks too difficult for your child, please discuss this with your child’s teacher so that additional support or adjustments can be made. Homework is given to students each Thursday and must be returned the following Tuesday. Home reading is also a very important part of homework and must be done each night. We also ask that parents remember to sign their child’s diary. We do appreciate your ongoing support for your child.


It is important that students come to school every day to help them achieve their potential. If your child is away, please ensure a note is sent to the teacher explaining the absence.


The Year 3 & 4 students will be attending camp ADANAC from Wednesday 12 September until Friday 14 September. Over the next few weeks teachers will be busy organising all the finer details of camp. It is important that you take the time to fill out all forms correctly, so that teachers have accurate information to take care of your child. Final payments are due by Friday 27 July. Medical forms were due back at the end of term 2, if you haven’t already, please ensure these are returned as soon as possible.

Specialist Timetable

3J: Tuesday - P.E. & I.C.T. / Wednesday - Art / Friday - Library

3Z: Tuesday - P.E. & Science / Thursday - Library / Friday - Art

3M: Tuesday - Library & P.E. / Wednesday - Science / Friday - Art

3D: Tuesday - P.E. & Library / Wednesday - Science / Friday - APT


This term we will focus on the following concepts in English

Reading and Viewing:

• Identifying some different kinds of figurative language, making inferences and reflecting on the texts when reading
• Reading a variety of texts fluently and with the use of expression
• Using a range of comprehension strategies to ask and answer questions about a text
• Answering questions in full sentences
• Completing comprehension activities associated with a class novel and other short texts


• Learning to effectively edit their writing by fixing mistakes, adding more detail in descriptive writing, researching and selecting facts, and using punctuation correctly
• Using direct and indirect speech, contractions, apostrophes and antonyms, synonyms and homonyms effectively in their writing
• Learning to write more detailed reports, procedural texts, recounts and narratives
• Using a variety of classroom resources to spell and use a variety of words (THRASS chart, Have-a-go book, wall displays, super adjectives charts and dictionaries)
• Using joined handwriting in all bookwork

Speaking and Listening:
• Asking and answering questions about a variety of topics
• Contributing to classroom discussions by sharing ideas and justifying thoughts and choices
• Preparing and presenting short reports and presentations to the class
• Providing positive and constructive feedback to peers
• Following verbal instructions carefully and accurately



This term we will focus on the following concepts in Mathematics

Number and Algebra:
• Recalling the multiplication and division facts of the 2, 3, 5, and 10
• Modelling, representing and working with fractions including halves, quarters, thirds, fifths and eighths
• Solving word problems involving money transactions

Measurement and Geometry:
• Telling the time to the exact minute on analogue clocks
• Measuring, ordering and comparing objects using familiar units of measurement for capacity and volume.
• Creating nets of three-dimensional objects to help describe key features
• Creating and interpreting simple grid maps to show position and pathways

Stastics and Probability:
• Identifying the possibility of events happening in everyday life and in chance experiments

Integrated Curriculum

This term our topic is ‘Design and Technology’; we will be focusing on inventors and inventions.
Our focus questions for this topic are:
1. How and why does an inventor plan and design inventions/new products?
2. How and why do inventions change over time?
3. What kinds of processes are required to make the inventions?
4. How and why did you plan and design your invention?
5. How do inventors make improvements to their prototypes? (sustainability function)
6. What safe work practices did you use during the process of your invention?