Year Levels - Year 3

Welcome back to Term 3. We hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are ready for a busy term. Please remember all students must be in full winter school uniform, including black school shoes and white, navy or black socks. At the end of last term you received your child’s report. Enclosed in the report was a Parent Feedback form. We would appreciate it if you could complete the feedback form with your child and return it to school. This term we are looking forward to seeing you at the Three-Way Conferences and then working closely with you and your child to achieve their goals.

Important Dates / Upcoming Events
19 July: Brainstorm Production
6 August: Cardytoons In-school activity
8 August: Three-Way Conferences (students attend school for their conference only)
21 August: Book week dress-up parade
21 August: Family THRASS, ICT, Maths and Science night
23 August: Curriculum Day (no school for students)
30 August: Father’s Day stall 
30 August: Afrobeat In-school activity
9 September: Whole school concert rehearsal
10 & 11 September: School Concert – Matinee & Evening Performances
20 September: Last day of Term 3 (2:30pm finish)
Homework throughout the year is an important part of student learning and provides an opportunity for children to practice skills with increasing independence. The tasks are set from topics and activities your child has been doing in the classroom. Homework is given to students each Thursday and must be returned the following Tuesday. Home reading is also a very important part of the homework and must continue to be done each night. We also ask that parents remember to sign their child’s diary, showing that your child has read. We do appreciate your ongoing support for your child.

It is important students attend school every day to help them achieve their full potential. Craigieburn South Primary School is striving to decrease absenteeism. If your child is away, you will receive a text message informing you of their absence and asking for an explanation. Also, please provide a note to your child’s teacher explaining the absence upon their return to school.
Specialist Timetable
3K: Wednesday - Art, P.E. & Science / Thursday - I.C.T / Friday - Library & Italian
3Z: Wednesday - Science, P.E. & Italian / Thursday - Library & I.C.T. /
3HM: Tuesday - Science / Wednesday - Italian, P.E. & I.C.T. / Friday - Library
3D: Wednesday - Italian, P.E. & I.C.T / Friday - Library & Science
Reading and Viewing:
Identifying different kinds of figurative language through poetry, making inferences and reflecting on the texts when reading
Reading a variety of texts fluently and with the use of expression
Using a range of comprehension strategies to ask and answer questions about a text
Answering questions in full sentences
Completing comprehension activities associated with a class novel and other short texts
Identifying and analysing the author’s craft
Learning to effectively edit their writing by fixing errors, adding more detail in descriptive writing, researching and selecting facts, and using punctuation correctly
Using direct and indirect speech, contractions, apostrophes and homonyms effectively in their writing
Learning to write poems, play scripts and narratives
Using a variety of classroom resources to spell and use a variety of words (THRASS chart, Have-a-go book, wall displays, super adjectives charts and dictionaries)
Using software including word processing programs with growing speed and efficiency to construct and edit texts
Using joined handwriting in all bookwork
Speaking and Listening:
Asking and answering questions about a variety of topics
Contributing to classroom discussions by sharing ideas and justifying thoughts and choices
Preparing and presenting short reports and presentations to the class
Providing positive and constructive feedback to peers
Following verbal instructions carefully and accurately

Number and Algebra:
Recalling the addition and subtraction facts for single digit numbers
Recalling the multiplication and division facts of the 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s
Identifying odd and even numbers
Modelling, representing and working with fractions including halves, quarters, thirds, fifths and eighths
Describe, continue, and create number patterns resulting from performing addition or subtraction
Measurement and Geometry:
Telling the time to the exact minute on analogue clocks
Measuring, ordering and comparing objects using familiar metric units of length, area and mass
Statistics and Probability:
Identifying the possibility of events happening in everyday life and in chance experiments
Recognising variations in results from conducting chance experiments
Integrated Curriculum – ‘Alice in Hollywood’
The integrated topic this term is our whole school concert production where students in Year 3 will be exploring the key understandings that thoughts, opinions and ideas can be expressed through drama, dance, music and media.
Children will be learning choreographed dance routines and working with their peers to decide upon suitable costumes, props and background settings for their item.
Reflecting on Term 2
What an exciting and busy Term 2 we have had in Year 3. Students participated in a wide range of activities. We had our excursion to Edendale Farm where the students fed animals, learnt about recycling, growing their own food and saving water. While the weather wasn’t in our favour on the day, the students and teachers all had a wonderful time. The students also participated in 2 fun filled days of activities as a part of the in-school camp program.
Students participated in a range of activities including making lava lamps, seeing who could build the tallest tower out of spaghetti and play doh, making a parachute, art, boot camp, Bunnings in-school activity and pizza making. Students had a wonderful time and loved all the activities especially making pizza. While we have had lots of fun things to do, the students have also been busy working on achieving their ILP goals in the classroom. In Maths, they made 3D objects using play doh and straws and used shapes to make a symmetrical objects. What a wonderful Term we have had. All the teachers are looking forward to Semester 2. In Literacy, we have enjoyed reading Fantastic Mr Fox and researching and making posters about endangered animals.