Year Levels - Year 2

Welcome back to Term 3. We hope that you have had a restful and enjoyable break. At the end of last term, you received your child’s report. Enclosed in the report was a Parent Feedback form. We would appreciate it if you could complete the feedback form with your child and return it to school. This term we are looking forward to seeing you at the 3 Way Conferences and working closely with you and your child to achieve their goals.

Important Dates / Upcoming Events
Friday 19 July: Brainstorm Production - Sticks & Stones
Thursday 8 August: 3 Way Conferences – student free day
Wednesday 21 August: Book Week Dress-up Parade
Wednesday 21 August: THRASS, ICT, Maths and Science Family Night
Friday 23 August: Curriculum Day – student free day
Friday 30 August: Father’s Day stall 
Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 September: School Concert Performances 
Wednesday 18 September: Year 2 Sleepover 
Friday 20 September: Last day of Term 3 (2:30pm dismissal)

Pick up and drop off
Please remember that pick up and drop off is outside the Gallery doors. Please be mindful not to enter the school buildings prior to 8:45am as per the school rule. If you need to talk to your child’s teacher, please organise a time to meet or wait until 3:15pm. If your child is late, it is important you sign them in at the office prior to bringing them into the classroom.

All children need to be in full school uniform each day. If your child is out of uniform, please send a note to the classroom teacher explaining the reason. Please be aware winter uniform must be worn during Term 2. If your child wishes to wear their runners to PE sessions, they must change their shoes at school for that session only.

Homework is an important part of your child’s learning. It complements classroom learning and fosters good study habits by providing an opportunity for students to be responsible for their own learning. At Craigieburn South Primary School, it is a school expectation that all students complete homework, which comprises of daily reading and a weekly homework sheet. It is extremely important that the homework is returned by the due date to ensure there is sufficient time for it to be checked and corrected by the classroom teacher. 
Year 2 homework goes home on Thursday and is due back on the following Tuesday. Home readers are taken home each night and must be read with an adult or older sibling.

All children grades P-3 are required to have a library bag. Regular borrowing from the library will help children to develop their literacy skills and also establishes the important lifelong skill of reading for information and pleasure. Please encourage your child to borrow regularly from the school library by discussing and sharing the books they bring home.
Specialist Timetable
2A: Monday - Computer / Tuesday - Arts, P.E. & Italian / Wednesday - Library / Friday - Science
2D: Monday - Computer & Library / Tuesday - Arts, P.E. & Italian / Friday - Science
2M: Monday - Library / Tuesday - Science, P.E. & Computer / Wednesday - Arts
2R: Monday - Library & Italian / Tuesday - Science, P.E. & Computers / Wednesday - Arts
2T: Monday - LIbrary / Tuesday - Science, Computer & Arts
Reading and Viewing
Students will focus on:
Reading aloud with fluency and expression
Making connections (text to self, text to text and text to world)
Getting knowledge ready to build comprehension
Making valid predictions utilising evidence within the text to support their claim
Finding and explaining the main ideas in a story and making inferences
Developing and using strategies for working out the meaning of unfamiliar words and words in context
Recognising cause and effect when reading 
Continuing to explore THRASS sounds through oral language activities and developing their high frequency words

Students will focus on:
Writing persuasive, narrative, transactional and procedural texts
Using capital letters, full stops and commas in their writing
Developing their understanding of descriptive language and of punctuation including quotation marks, commas, question marks and exclamation marks
Developing editing skills to improve writing
Using correct letter formation and pencil grip
Continuing to develop their THRASS knowledge to help spell unfamiliar words 
Developing their word vocabulary and the correct pronunciation

Speaking and Listening
Students will focus on:
Voice projection and tone
Developing their confidence in speaking in front of the class
Engaging in class discussions and working in cooperative groups 
Developing the skills of confidently sharing ideas and working and listening attentively when others are speaking

Number and Algebra
Students will focus on:
Recognising and representing multiplication as groups and arrays, identifying the relationship between multiplication and division 
Recognising and representing division as grouping into equal sets and solving simple problems using these representations 
Recognising and interpreting common uses of halves, quarters and eighths of shapes and collections

Measurement and Geometry
Students will focus on:
Investigating the effect of one-step slides and flips 
Identifying and describing half and quarter turns
Telling time to the quarter-hour, using the language of 'past' and 'to'

Statistics and Probability
Students will focus on:
Identifying practical activities and everyday events that involve chance. Describe outcomes as ‘likely’ or ‘unlikely’ and identify some events as ‘certain’ or ‘impossible’
Integrated Curriculum
Our Integrated unit this term is focusing of the performing arts, the CSPS concert, titled ‘Alice in Hollywood’. The students will explore how Ideas, concepts, observations, feelings and/or experiences are expressed through drama, dance, music and media. 
Our focus questions are:
1. How do we plan a concert item? 
2. What do we do to rehearse?
3. What makes a good performance?